Our Story

Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, my mother's garden was where my love of exploration sprouted. She taught me the importance of experimentation, service, and play. Through these experiences, I have gained a deeper understanding about how plants grow, and the direct impact it has on one's life.

My experiences in Mummy's greenhouse, along with having a brother ten years younger, migrating to the United States of America as a young teenager, serving people in the autistic community, serving in the United States Air Force, being a father, and teaching in elementary schools, has culminated into the pursuit to nurture children's love of adventure by providing the opportunity to explore, play, and learn.  

In 2015, The Nurtury For Kids was founded. Our mission is to provide children, 4-12 years of age, access to sustainable gardening and farming practices, and for them to be recognized as participants of the Slow Food movement. Through this process, children will develop new strategies in how to serve and collaborate within their communities, and make meaningful connections with their school curriculum.

The NFK actively collaborates with schools and other organizations to educate young children about good practices in growing healthy food.